Current Projects

Proposed Zoning Amendments for 2022 Special Town Meeting 
Memo to SB Regarding Potential Zoning Amendments
Legal Notice
Amended Legal Notice
081122 Potential Zoning Amendments
Report to Town Meeting

Revised and adopted at January 27, 2022 PLANNING BOARD MEETING:

* The Planning Office will be updating these documents as new plans come in from the applicants. Please feel free to call the planning staff with any questions: 978-356-6607.

If you wish to submit written comments to the Planning Board please email and address your correspondence to the Board and provide your name and address.

123 Jeffrey's Neck Road
ANR Plan

8 Hemlock Drive ANR
ANR Plan
Fire Prevention Officer letter

Letter from applicant 071422
Email from Fire Dept. Lieutenant Buhl to E. Parsons, 071422
Letter from Lake Legal LLC to PB 072122
Exhibits from Lake Legal LLC to PB 072122

83 High Street Request for Minor Modification
Minor modification request and drawings
Approved plans

214 High St

214 High Street Site Plans 020922
214 High Street Watershed Plans 020922
214 High Street-Proposed Perspective 021022
214 High Street-Proposed Elevations 021022
214 High Conceptual Building Plans 032422
214 High Building Elevations 032422
214 High Building Section 032422
214 High Presentation for 033122 Planning Board meeting
214 High Street Layout Plan 062322
Revised Building Elevations 062322
214 High North Elevation 071822

Materials submitted 072022

125 Topsfield Road Scenic Road Application
Permit Plan
Scenic Road Application

New England Biolabs Hazardous Materials Special Permit

Draft decision for PB consideration at its 092922 meeting, prepared by Planning staff

5-11 Washington Street Landscape Plan Sheet 1 and Sheet 2 040522

Applicant's response to peer review 050922
Plans Revision #6 041122
Bob Puff Task 2 Review 051822
Applicant response to Peer Review including Site Plan and Landscape Plan revisions 060222
Bob Puff Peer Review Task 3 061522
JoAnn Amatucci email 062922

Applicant response to peer review 071522
Site plan sheets C1, C3-C7 revisions 071522
Landscape plan revised 071222

5-11 Washington Street Stormwater Data 071522
5-11 Washington Street O&M Plan 071322

Task 4 Review by Bob Puff 072722
Applicant's Response To Planning Board Review Comments 082222
Site Plan Revision #9 082222

55 Waldingfield Road "Great Estates" Special Permit and Site Plan Review Application

Stormwater Report
Ora attorney open space & trails letter 072821

Memo from Police Chief to Planning Board 072821
8.25.21 Ora Presentation to the Planning Board
PB meeting 1, Ora Corporation and 55 Waldingfield Road, Whittier
Great Estate Preservation bylaw - Section IX.H. of the Ipswich Zoning Bylaw
Criteria for Evaluating Proposed Open Space per GEPD bylaw

Planning Board Special Permit Regulations- see paragraphs a and b in particular
Timothy Hilton Letter 09-01-21
Bob Puff Peer Review Task 1 Memo 09-08-21
IRWA Comment Letter 55 Waldingfield Road 09-08-21
9-9-21 Ora Presentation
Whittier Baker Email 092021
Email from Nat Pulsifer 092321
Letter from Bruce Howell 10042021
Ora Traffic Impact Analysis July 2021
Ora Sight Distance Evaluation August 2021
Ora Supplemental Traffic Memo October 2021
Letter from Elisabeth Massey 101821
Open Space Committee Memo 10-20-21
Building Inspector Opinion Regarding open space 10-19-21
Letter from Mr. and Mrs. Eddy 10192021
Letter from Corine Barone 102221
ORA cover letter for GEPD qualifications to PB 102121
ORA GEPD Qualifications Letter 102021 FINAL
ORA Traffic Calming Concepts Letter 102121 FINAL
55 Waldingfield Rd REVISED plan set 1A and 1B 102121
ORA Response to Stormwater Peer Review 102121
ORA slides on open space at PB Meeting 102121
Letter from Michael Greene 11012021
Email from Friend, 110221
Letter from Joanne Delaney 110221
Corine Barone email, 102221
FW Julia Bird Riverfront CR - Public Access - Greenbelt email 110321
Letter from Attorney Nylen/Ora 110521
Sprouse letter 110621
Nina McCarthy Letter 110621
Open Space Committee Memo 110821
Jack Whittier Sustainability Letter 110821
Letter from Jane Howard 110421
Ora's 111021 Planning Board Presentation
Letter from Crocker Snow 11-10-21
Letter from Joel Lamendola 11-10-21
Letter from Chris Sandulli 11-14-21
Letter from Marty Miserandino 11-16-21
Letter from Susanna Colloredo-Mansfeld 11-16-21
Letter from Bryan Townsend 111621
Letter from Friends of Waldingfield 112221
Letter from Friends of Waldingfield 112921
Open Space Committee Memo 113021
Letter from Nancy and Howard Baker 112921
Letter from Dag Holmboe 11-19-2021
Letter from Bryan Townsend 11-16-2021
Letter from Torii Bottomley 11-22-21
Letter from Nancy and Robert Baker 112921
Town of Ipswich, Chief Assessor
Letter from Markos 120121
Letter from Schrage 120121
Letter from Bryan Townsend 120321
Letter from Nat Pulsifer 120321
Ora Planning Board Presentation 120221 Meeting
Email from Ralph Williams 120621
TEC Peer Review of Ora's Traffic Impact Analysis 120921
Letter from Friends of Waldingfield 121021
Merck Brady email 121021
Tim Hilton letter 121321
Bryan Townsend email 121321
Bryan Townsend letter 121321
Letter from Emily Schimdt 121321
Friends of Waldingfield 12.16.21
Bob Puff Peer Review Memo 122221
Baker letter 010322
Deborah Logan email 010222
Ora Letter to Britt and PB 010422
Historical Commission Great Estate Certification 121321
Friends of Waldingfield letter 010622
Ora's Planning Board presentation 010622
Jack Whittier email 011022
Nat Pulsifer email 011022
Bryan Townsend email 011022
Bryan Townsend email 011122
Dennis Murphy letter 011122
Ora Letter to Planning Board 011222
1/12/22 GPI Response to TEC Comments of 120921
Ora's Planning Board presentation 011222
Amy Fanning Letter 011522
Jack Whittier Letter 012022
TEC Peer Review #2 012022
Bob Puff Peer Review Phase 1B 012122
Letter from Anne Burkhardt 012422
Letter from John Lichten 012522
Letter from Jane Howard 012522
Friends of Waldingfield - PB Correspondence 012622
Yaro Waldingfield Road Testimony 012622
Letter from Maryann Friend 012622
Email from Amy Fanning 012622
Email from Dorothy Monnelly 012622
Email from Nancy Baker 012622
Email from Crocker Snow 012722
Email from Michael Maginn 012722
Letter from Jack Whittier 012722
Letter from John Wigglesworth 012822
Yaro Waldingfield Road Supplemental Testimony 020722
Email from Corine Barone 020422
Email from Jennifer Eddy 020722
Email from Phyllis Greene 020722
Memo from Town Counsel to PB Re Open Space 020822
Email from Arlene & Michael Maginn 020822
Email from Rob Spurrier & Paula Jones 020822
Letter from Ora to Planning Board 020822
Ora revised open space plan 020922
Letter from Ora to Town 020922
Letter from Mark Massey 020922
Letter from Bryan Townsend 020922
Letter from Tim Hilton 021022

Jack Whittier Letter 021022
Susan Lawrence Letter 021022
Email from Jennifer Gordon 021022
Nancy & Robert Baker Letter 021022
Crocker Snow Letter 021122
Anne Burkhardt Letter 021422
Letter from Bryan Townsend 021522
Letter from Bryan Townsend 022222
Letter from Winburn Farm 022522
Ora Response to Phase 1A Task 2 Peer Review 030422
Phase 1A Permit Site Plan revised through 030222
Phase 1A Stormwater Report February 2022
Ora Response to Phase 1B Task 1 Report 030422
Phase 1B Permit Site Plan revised through 030322
Phase 1B Stormwater Report February 2022
Letter from Mike Maginn 030422
Letter from Open Space Committee 030422
Letter from Peter O'Connor 030722
Letter from Christine Sandulli
Bob Puff Task 3 Report for Phase 1A 031422
Bob Puff Task 2 Report for Phase 1B 031522
Amy Fanning letter 032522
Letter from Kastorf Karl 3-29-22
Phase 2 and 3 Cover Letter 033122
Phase 2 and 3 Stormwater Report 032822
Phase 2 and 3 Site Plan Set 032822
Letter from Lynnette Fallon 040422
Letter from Katharine Townsend 040522
Email from Christopher Halmos 041222
Email from Diane Cassidy 041422
Bob Puff Task 1 Report for Phases 2 and 3 042022
Ora's DRB Presentation 042122
Email from Kim Thayer 042122
Email from Judith O'Leary 042122
Email from Steven Hughes 042122
Letter from Chuck and Marlene Hulbert 042122
Email from Melissa Davis 042122
Email from Joanne Delaney 042222
Ora Letter to Planning Board 042222
Email from Joni Soffron 042522
Bryan Townsend Letter 042522
Letter from James Hall 042522
Letter from Nancy and Robert Baker 042622
Letter from John Lichten and Mary Milgrom 042622
Letter from Peter Bubriski Associates 04-28-2022
Ora Presentation for 042822 Planning Board Meeting
Letter from Elizabeth Townsend 04222022
Letter to Ipswich Planning Board from Jack Whittier May 3 2022
Letter from Tom and Carrie Woodruff 042422
Letter from Charlotte Kahn 042822

Letter from Suzanne Benfield 042922
Email from Joyce Wilson 043022
Letter from Amy Fanning 05092022
Ora Waldingfield L3 Rain Gardens BW_20220504_24X36
Phase 1A Plans revision 050322
Phase 1A Stormwater Report revision 042922
Phase 1A Task 3 Response Ora to Bob Puff 050322
Phase 1B Plans revised 050322
Phase 1B Stormwater Report revised 042922
Phase 1B Task 2 Response Ora to Bob Puff 050322
Phase 2 Plans revision 050522
Phase 2 & 3 Stormwater Report 050522
Phase 2 Response Ora to Bob Puff 050622
Bob Puff Phase 1A Task 4 Review 051122
Bob Puff Phase 1B Task 3 Review 051122
Planting Plan 050422
Planting Presentation 051122
Friends of Waldingfield correspondence 051322
Friends of Waldingfield letter about traffic 051622

Ora Lighting Plan 051222
Bryan Townsend Letter to PB 051622
Design Review Board Recommendation 051622
55 Waldingfield_Ph 2,3_Task 2 Review_051922
Ltt Britt-Planning Board - P and S 051922
Friends of Waldingfield Letter 052022
Email from Bryan Townsend 052022
Ora Findings Summary 060322
Letter from Ora to Planning Board 060622
Letter from Ora to Town Counsel Re. P & S 060322
P & S submitted 060322
Letter from Friends of Waldingfield to PB 060822
Letter from Bryan Townsend to Planning Board 060922
Letter from Beth Rohls 6-8-22
Letter from Amanda Smith 6-8-22
Memo from Mitch Lowe to PB 060922
Letter from Amanda Smith to PB 061522
Email from Joyce Kippen 061122
Letter from Beveridge to PB 061522
Letter from Ora to Planning Board 061622
Letter from Jennifer Eddy to Planning Board 061622
Susanna Colloredo-Mansfeld letter to Mitchell 06162022

Letter from Bryan Townsend to PB 062822
Ora Response to Phase 1A Peer Review 062922
Phase 1A Site Plans Revised 062822
Phase 1A Stormwater Report Revised July 2022
Ora Response to Phase 1B Peer Review 063022
Phase 1B Plans Revised 062822
Phase 1B Stormwater Report May 2022
Ora Response to Phases 2 & 3 063022
Phases 2 & 3 Plans Revised 062822
Phases 2 & 3 Stormwater Report June 2022

Letter from Doug McGarrah, Foley Hoag, Re. Friends of Waldingfield Preservation Group, 070722
Bob Puff Peer Review Task 5 for Phase 1A 071222
Bob Puff Peer Review Task 4 for Phase 1B 071322

Bob Puff Peer Review Task 3 for Phases 2 & 3 071422
Letter from Ora to Planning Board 071522
Yaro Waldingfield Road Additional Testimony 071522
Polly Fawcett email to PB 071822
Letter from Friends of Waldingfield to PB 071922
Fire Truck Maneuverability Exhibit

Friends of Waldingfield Correspondence Re. Fiscal Impact 071922
Friends of Waldingfield Correspondence 071922
Draft Special Permit and Site Plan Review Approval Decision prepared by Planning Department Staff, v.7/20/22
Emails from Fire Dept. Lieutenant Buhl to E. Parsons 7/20/22, 6/14/22, 1/13/22
Binder submitted by Friends of Waldingfield to PB 072122
Letter from Friends of Waldingfield to PB 072222
Letter from Jack Whittier to PB 072222
Memo to PB from Open Space Program Staff 072022
Letter from Rose Morgan 7-25-22
Email from Water & Wastewater Director Vicki Halmen to Hancock Associates 072122

Email from Mike Maginn 072722
Letter from Marc Silverman and Carol Sullivan 07-28-22

Email from Courtney Kagan to PB 080222
Email from Lois McNulty 080422
Mike Maginn email 080422
Letter from Friends of Waldingfield to PB 080522
Landscape Maintenance Plan 080122
Letter from Ora to PB 080522

Site Plans and Stormwater Docs revised 080522
Phase 1B, Sheet 4 Site Plan corrected 080822
Draft Decision prepared by Planning Department staff updated 081022
Robert L. Weatherall-Letter to the Editor
Letter from Amanda Markos to PB 081022
Phase 1A Stormwater Report revised 081022

Lichten Milgrom letter 081022
Jack Whittier letter 081022

Letter from Nancy & Robert Baker to PB 081122
Letter from Susan Colloredo Mansfield to PB 082622
Letter from Friends of Waldingfield to PB 082922

Letter from Bryan Townsend to PB 090122
Memo from Open Space Committee to PB 090122

Letter from Ora to PB 090222
Petition to Save Waldingfield Road submitted to Planning Dept 090622
Planning Department Staff-updated draft decision for PB consideration 090822
Letter from Ora to Planning Department 090722

Memo from Friends of Waldingfield 091922
Ora Site Plans Phase 1A revised 092222
Ora Site Plans Phase 1B revised 092222
Ora Site Plans Phases 2-3 revised 092222
Letter from Dag Holmboe to PB
Letter from Nonie Brady to PB
Letter from Wilhelm Merck to PB
Letter from Rose Morgan to PB
Letter from Amanda Smith to PB
Letter from Dale Eddy to PB

Updated draft decision prepared for PB consideration 092922
Letter from Arabella Plum to PB
Letter from Julian Colville to PB
Letter from Peter O'Connor to PB
Letter from Tamsin Venn to PB


Housing Production Plan
A Housing Production Plan (HPP) is a community's proactive strategy for planning and developing affordable housing. In February, 2020, the Town of Ipswich kicked off a process to develop a new five-year HPP, working with consultants JM Goldson, LLC. Please find more information here: . An active HPP will enable the Town to meet its affordable housing needs in a manner consistent with the Chapter 40B statute and regulation. More information about the State's Housing Production Plans can be found here:

Community Development Plan Update, 2020-2035

 Under the direction of the Planning Board, Department of Planning and Community Development, and the Community Development Plan Steering Committee, the Town is updating its 2003 Community Development Plan. Visit the Ipswich Community Development Plan Link to the left for more information.

173-178 Linebrook Road Open Space Preservation Zoning Development (for detailed information please contact the Planning Department)

Approved Site Plans Phases 2 and 3

 Ipswich Mills Dam Removal Feasibility Study

The Town of Ipswich has been working with the Ipswich River Watershed Association and other partners to explore the feasibility of removing the Ipswich Mills Dam located at the head of tide in downtown Ipswich. For more information about the project, read documents below or visit:

Dam Removal Feasibility Study Final Report

Two videos about the project: (2016) (2020)